Union Insurance provides people with access to greater financial security through insurance plans that protect against the financial impact of major life traumas.

Union Insurance strives to exceed its client's expectations through customer service excellence, embracing technology and innovation to deliver affordable products for their members.


  • Facilitate complex blended sales process
  • Increase operational flexibility
  • Improve visibility and margins


  • Both auto and predictive dialling with intelligent scripting powered by next best action workflow and integrated with Union Insurance's CRM system


  • Increased contact rates leading to higher sales
  • Reduced training times
  • More up-sell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Better visibility of costs and KPIs
  • Increased customer satisfaction rates: 80% of customers would now recommend UIB
  • More efficient business processes
  • Advisors can sell the most appropriate policy and scripts automatically change based on the information provided by the customer.

Union Insurance's Operations Manager says “Advisors forgot to ask for certain information and applications had to be re-done. Now, data capture is more complete because the system guides the advisor and feeds the relevant information to them. We can also change scripts easily. The reporting we get enables us to measure conversion rates, which helps us see which products or scripts work best, and if necessary, make modifications when required.

Infinity has given us greater control over how our marketing campaigns feed into our call centre, with the right script and product being presented to the agents. We have been very impressed with their technical acumen and the flexibility of the system.” Union Insurance IT Director