NHS TP case study

Infinity Contact Centre Software (CCS) partnered with Teleperformance UK (TPUK) in April 2020 to rapidly deploy an agent web script service to support the national response to the Covid 19 Pandemic by tracking the requirements from a major UK healthcare client.

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With a rapid requirement to scale up its own contact centre services to manage such unprecedented levels of calls, Infinity supported Teleperformance with other healthcare related requirements as well.

TPUK as a prime contract supplier to the UK healthcare client had been involved in several different Covid-19 health crisis work streams and worked in a collaborative network with other BPO contact centre agencies.

TPUK was tasked with delivering a platform and technology that would scale up rapidly, adjust to dynamic circumstances, and manage unknown future requirements where possible.

TPUK case study

Whilst managing such programmes, TPUK successfully safeguarded the wellbeing of their contact centre employees by facilitating an effective work-from-home policy for all agents.

TPUK had an outline of the script requirements as they had initially set up the service on Infinity’s enterprise software modules which had been restricted to agents within TPUK. With the pandemic climate changing on a week-to-week basis, a plan had been formalised to work with BPO agencies to support and manage the pressure of calls and other media requirements.

Infinity at the time had just released their web-based scripting module which was ideal to allow BPO partner agents to manage calls from various healthcare departments by extending the workforce beyond the limit of TPUK’s domain.

Infinity developed the initial script within days accommodating for user acceptance testing and agent feedback, and made quick changes to fit the current environment at the time. Infinity deployed its new web-based script engine within TPUK’s designated Microsoft Azure environment in quick order.

Infinity’s software and Professional services developed several applications that eventually supported a number of programmes required to support the Covid 19 pandemic.

At its daily peak Infinity’s software supported over 11,500 agents through a combination of TPUK and BPO partner agencies, and had created over 47,000 user logins.

The application supported data exports and imports, email exports, as well as a bespoke user interface for agents and the operational management team.

The interpretation of the specification was overseen by Infinity’s professional services team who managed the rapid change, testing, and deployment of the agent scripting software.

Infinity also provided a 24/7 support line for direct support in the event of any failure. The whole service ran seamlessly until end of March 2022 and was viewed as a major success by the TPUK management team.

At the end of the campaign, Teleperformance received a letter of thanks from the UK healthcare client. Teleperformance was seen as playing a major key role and were commended with delivering an effective covid response in the pandemic World.

Teleperformance directly contributed to the success of the UK’s national healthcare response as the largest contact centre partnership to the UK government throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.