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Infinity’s workflow technology empowers organisations to do new things, faster, more efficiently, more flexibly, and more securely with their existing technology.
With little or no technical skill, create workflows that guide agents through transactions quickly. Like a satnav, the best route will be calculated based on agent input and customer response.


Agents can interact with multiple applications, data sources and channels from one, friendly, client-branded interface, meaning they can focus on the customer, not the technology.


Infinity’s Workflow System does 3 simple things very well:

1. Creates and queues business tasks that are then allocated to the appropriate team

2. Guides agents through tasks and presents any information they might need.

3. Collects data on how well your staff, systems and processes are performing and identify opportunities for those all-important incremental gains.

Infinity Workflow software


CRM desktop
Unified CRM desktop
automatic documentation
Automatic documentation
screen auditing
Screen auditing, version control and simple scripts
exisitng technology
Use with existing technology
Tool for creating rapid CRM or telemarketing applications
Used by Operational, IT or development teams

With a robust workflow in place, the result is faster, more accurate customer interactions and less hold time. These benefits can be brought to any channel and draw upon whatever data sources, systems or processes are required for the agent to get the job done. Everything the agent needs is presented to them on-screen exactly when they need it.

Geoff Land,
Managing Director, Infinity CCS


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    Average 20% rise in productivity

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    Rise in customer satisfaction

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    Call times, agent training and turnover costs reduced

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    Deployed rapidly without the need to replace existing systems

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    Little capital investment

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