The operating system for the efficient enterprise


The Infinity Platform is a highly configurable workflow engine combined with a user desktop. It empowers businesses and teams to design, optimise and run all types of human-assisted business processes using their existing technology.
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    Instant Scalability

    Across multiple sites, countries, departments & channels

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    Usage-Based Pricing

    Low investment, low total cost of ownership (TCO) and no lazy assets

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    Average 20% Productivity Gains

    Streamline operations management, reporting and training

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    Easy Integration

    Unites legacy & client systems with one interface

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    Flexible Deployment

    On-site, data centre hosted, private cloud

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    In-Depth Analytics

    One point of data capture for improved management information (MI) & business intelligence (BI)

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Easy integration with popular enterprise solutions makes Infinity the ‘glue’ that gets all your systems working together and presents your staff with exactly what they need to handle each task most effectively. It also becomes a consolidated point of capture for the data you need to manage operations, refine their performance and drive transformational change.

Implementing the Infinity Platform in your business


Infinity can be deployed on-site, hosted, or in the cloud. It can be set up in weeks rather than months, requires minimal upfront investment, and traditional licence fees can be replaced by usage-based pricing that lets you scale capacity up and down at will across multiple sites.
  • Infinity can be deployed quickly and easily by our professional services team, who will partner with you to deliver an on-time, on-budget solution.
  • Infinity integrates easily with key CRM, telephony, routing, channel management, marketing automation, payment, and other back office systems.
  • Infinity is a proven technology across multiple industries – providing innovation with certainty and low risk.

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