Creating the Digital 9-1-1 Centre

As most States continue to implement Next Generation 9-1-1
(NG9-1-1) legislation…

Take a peek inside.

EMS whitepaper

How PSAPs can meet NG911 goals with the digital technology and multi-channel methods already pioneered by commercial contact centers.

  • Enable dispatchers to respond faster and more consistently by providing them with a single user interface to various systems, including the CAD.
  • The software also provides intelligent guidance during each call, prompting the dispatcher to ask the right questions or take the appropriate actions based on the caller’s responses.
  • In the workflow interface, appropriate data and tools can be presented to dispatchers, rather than them having to go look for them or switch applications.
  • Crucially, all workflow scenarios can be edited and created by medical personnel and management with no need for coding, giving PSAPs complete control over their emergency response processes.