What healthcare callcentres can learn
from their commercial counterparts

Deliver patient experiences that deliver the best
health outcomes

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The goal of a healthcare call centre is to facilitate patient access to the medical information, services and providers they need, whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.

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  • For physicians and other providers, the daily running of their practice is already heavy with administration and resources in terms of staff are going to be scarce as these have a cost.Most providers receive a fixed amount of revenue per patient but have to manage their own operating costs. So the first role of a call centre is to take away some of the prea nd post-clinical administrative load, allowing the practice to better manage costs and focus on clinical work
  • Time and cost savings for the organisation are only one side of the coin; the call centre must also deliver satisfactory outcomes for patients. If enquirers are to be converted into first-time customers, and then repeat customers, then the experience offered must be excellent from the very first point of contact. In urban and suburban areas particularly, competition is intense. While most choose providers based on reputation, cost, and specialisation there is mounting evidence to suggest that customer service is now also a major factor that providers can optimise to gain a competitive advantage