A major, award-winning travel insurance provider sought a technology solution that would improve its customer service offering and overall customer experience across its travel insurance portfolio.

The challenges and requirements

The travel insurance provider came to Infinity with a clear goal: to improve the customer service offered, which in turn would transform the customer experience, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. It wanted to differentiate itself in the market and gain a competitive advantage.

The solution

The specified solution called for a combination of Infinity modules – workflow technology and a Unified Agent Desktop environment to improve agent efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

The Unified Agent Desktop integrated all customer facing and back-office systems and applications into a single user interface, giving agents access to the tools needed to service customers from one screen, removing the need to put customers on hold and search disparate systems on a cluttered desktop.

Workflow technology allows processes to be carried out quickly and easily by following on-screen prompts. Whatever data is needed for tasks is pulled from whichever database or system that stores it and is presented to agents.

The UAD and workflow systems bring together a range of modules, so that all data relating to a given customer is accessible from a single user interface. This is not only a boon for customer experience, it’s also a great cost saver.

The results

Since integrating Infinity Efficiency, the client can service customers efficiently and effectively, usually within one interaction. The Unified Agent Desktop environment has sped up customer interactions and enhanced satisfaction. Giving agents a single user interface for accessing data and workflow processes offers a huge pay-off in terms of time and efficiency and further sales opportunities are presented as agent have a full view of the customer.


  • Efficiency gains of up to 20%
  • Sales conversions increased
  • Call-time reduced by half
  • Major upturn in customer satisfaction