Enable frontline staff to find answers and information faster

Reduce handling time and training time by enhancing your interaction workflows with a knowledge base that pushes content to staff at the right time

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It’s a fact that your most knowledgeable and experienced staff deliver the best experiences for customers and users, and get to the best outcomes more quickly. Infinity Knowledge Base is a shortcut that allows all frontline staff quick and intuitive access to the most relevant information for the interaction they are handling.

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How it works

  • Allow agents to access and capture knowledge information during customer interactions from right inside their current interaction workflow.
  • By embedding knowledge in workflows or scripts it becomes context-sensitive and more useful, as well as shortening the time it takes agents to find answers.
  • Rather than reminding agents to access and search the knowledge base you simply present them with the context-sensitive information in their workflow, ensuring they use this valuable resource.
  • Get feedback to enrich your knowledge base by making rating and contributing to knowledge articles a part of wrap.


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The benefits of Infinity Knowledge Base

reduce average call handling time

Reduce AHT (average handling time)

Answer more customer and user queries more quickly and reduce the number of times agents place customers on hold unnecessarily.

reduce training time

Minimise training times

Staff need less training in products, processes and systems, and attain full competency much faster when they don’t have to learn everything in advance.

capture and retain knowledge

Capture and retain knowledge

Increase peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and prevent the loss of essential subject matter expertise when employees move on.

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Be more consistent and compliant

As all frontline staff have easy access to the same knowledge, you can be sure everyone is giving the latest and most up-to-date information and following the correct processes.

reduce attrition

Reduce attrition

Providing frontline staff with better tools reduces their frustration, increases their sense of achievement and helps them hit targets – this improved employee experience lowers attrition.

manage costs

Reduce costs and improve ROI

Answering queries more quickly, reducing training time, eliminating recontacts by getting it right first time – all of these improve customer and user experience, reduce costs, and boost ROI.