Empower frontline staff to make every interaction better

Manage interactions more accurately, swiftly, and compliantly with a single user interface

interaction engine
You want your frontline staff to focus on interacting with customers and users, not systems. Using Infinity Interaction Engine you can run workflows and scripts in a browser or agent desktop that guide staff through interactions and enable them to read, update and use the underlying systems without screen switching. As well as improving the quality and speed of communications your organisation can seamlessly coordinate interactions across multiple channels to deliver a consistent experience.

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How it works

  • Run workflows and scripts in a browser or in your CRM or CCaaS desktop that guide frontline staff through different types of interactions,
  • Enable staff to read and update data from underlying systems from inside the workflow – no application switching or duplicated data entry,
  • Provide access to knowledge base information, customer data, interaction histories, and any other data right in the workflow to enable seamless omnichannel journeys,
  • Capture interaction information in the workflow and present staff with context-sensitive next-best-action prompts,
  • Launch other tools, scripts and processes from inside the workflow to initiate follow-up actions, dramatically reducing wrap time,
  • Publish workflows and scripts to the web or run them in your CRM or contact centre desktop.


interaction engine screenshot

What Interaction Engine does for your organisation

improve the employee experience

Improve the employee experience

Enabling frontline staff to read and update data and systems from a single user interface dramatically reduces the effort and training required to deliver great experiences. Knowledge base and next-best-action prompts augment staff’s decision-making capabilities, eliminating errors and ensuring they deliver the best outcomes.

manage costs

Manage costs by being
more efficient

By providing frontline staff with a single user interface through which they can access and update data in all your enterprise systems, manage interactions on any channel, and launch manual or automated follow-up processes, you can dramatically cut interaction times, wait times, hold times, and wrap times. Staff also require less training as they mainly use one system, so speed to competence for new hires is also reduced.

consistant service

Provide consistent service
across all channels

With Infinity’s workflows, your organisation can interact as a single entity across all channels and departments. You can chain workflows, scripts and screens together to create entire end-to-end customer and user journeys that are seamless across all channels. Ensuring staff have access to entire customer or user histories means is crucial for omnichannel.

maxmise sales

Maximise sales opportunities

As Infinity is a low-code solution, teams from operations, sales, marketing, and CX can build and deploy their own workflows, screens, forms, microservices, scripts, knowledge base articles, and business logic prompts to help frontline staff make the most of every opportunity in every interaction. Providing staff with easy access to customer data and history right inside their workflows not only enables genuine omnichannel journeys it also gives them the information they need to provide the best outcome for the organisation as well as for the customer or user each time.