Infinity CCS, a UK-based technology provider, has launched an innovative 9-1-1 emergency dispatch software poised to revolutionize the market for telephone triage – Infinity Response.

Infinity Response has reinvented emergency triage by taking robust call center workflow software and placing it at the heart of emergency triage. The flexible workflow engine is game changing, delivering critical efficiencies beyond the industry’s legacy off-the-shelf 911 dispatch systems.

One of the persistent pain points for emergency triage call centers is that they cannot write medical workflows or introduce changes to enhance and optimize response for incoming emergency calls. Infinity Response is designed to allow EMS teams and qualified physicians to analyze call data in order to refine response processes and find critical improvements in call response times.

According to CEO Geoff Land, the Infinity Response is perfectly adapted to handle the critical demands of emergency triage centers.

Up until now, the world’s most agile and powerful technology was used to help people shop, eat and navigate, but it has not been used to power emergency call systems,” he said. “Infinity Response changes all that. By bringing the powerful tool sets used by the world’s largest contact center outsourcers to 9-1-1 emergency dispatch triage, we are raising the bar for emergency triage response where every second counts in analyzing the emergency at hand.”

Infinity Response gives EMS field personnel an intelligent triage platform that delivers powerful data insights. Data analysis permits emergency call centers to configure the system to their needs and introduce question changes to enhance call responses and optimize call response time.

With Infinity Response, EMS field teams and physicians can set priorities for medical emergencies and refine response processes with critical efficiencies to improve response. The software provides seamless integration with Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems. Infinity Response attributes its success to a high degree of flexibility, in-depth data intelligence, medical algorithms for triage optimization and measurements that allow for continuous improvement in emergency response.

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