Geoff Land, CEO of Infinity CCS discusses with OCO Commercial Director, Gareth Hagan, how technology providers and BPO’s have stepped up to help critical organisations during the global pandemic.  

At Infinity CCS, you build a range of solutions that help organisations operate flexibly and efficiently, and as Covid-19 has proven, keep going during times of crisis. Have you seen an increase in organisations changing their business models to foster efficiency and flexibly during the pandemic?

We have seen dramatic changes to the way in which businesses operate as a result of Covid-19, especially with the requirement for remote working. In the BPO sector, we saw many organisations needing to make rapid changes to existing business models. The NHS, for example, sought the expertise of the three largest BPO’s to build an application for a track and trace system. We saw the immediacy of the BPO’s to find a solution for their clients to work remotely and respond to the pandemic – they moved quickly and achieved tremendous results.  

Were there any roadblocks that prevented organisations from responding quickly to the pandemic?

Many organisations still rely on legacy technology as opposed to web or cloud applications. This meant that additional time was needed to get things up and running. When it did work, however, it worked well, and the organisations being supported by the BPO’s are now working remotely in some way and are doing this successfully. Infinity CCS was asked to build a cloud application for the NHS track and trace system, and this was the first major use of our new platform. We went from 0 to 5700 users without a hiccup.

The definition of the frontline has changed. It is now made up of people who are not visible but are working behind the scenes to keep the economy and critical services moving. What does this mean for Infinity CCS?  

We support critical organisations like The Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) which receives 1.5 million 9-1-1 calls a year, and New York City Health + Hospitals, the largest public healthcare system in the US. Both have been on the frontline during the pandemic.

For Infinity CCS, it means that we can showcase how quickly we can do things quickly on the platforms that we provide for our clients. We are agile and we ensure that clients understand that they can make their own changes and respond to unforeseen events themselves using the platform. Our workflow engine allows people to, essentially, take the building blocks and design what they want in their own environment and our tool set enables people to respond quicker, easier, and in a way that is sustainable.

We know what we can achieve in critical industries and a testament to that is the fact that the world leader in medical, fire and police triage has chosen Infinity CCS as a partner, to provide the tools needed to access emergency services markets that at present, are unable to access the tools. For businesses, being agile and responsive is critical for the future. 

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