One of the largest public healthcare providers in the United States had spent a great deal of time investigating new systems, only to find that none met its requirements. It chose Infinity CCS to deliver a bespoke solution, after hearing about the benefits the largest and busiest fire department, the FDNY, was experiencing after choosing Infinity CCS to design and develop its new 9-1-1 system.

The challenges and requirements

Patient calls were handled differently across the healthcare providers six sites, so it needed a solution that would deliver agent consistency and accuracy.

A robust scripting platform would be used to improve both the patient experience and consistency of the service provided.

The provider also wanted the ability to report on contact center activity so that data could be analyzed to support a program of continuous improvement, as well as provide accurate and measurable analytics for city wide reporting.

The solution

Infinity CCS developed a solution branded exclusively for the healthcare provider. It provides users with a consistent interface to guide them through patient calls. The results are improved efficiency in managing each call, and better accuracy in data capture and management throughout the process.

The flows are formed of multiple screens consisting of single question / answer / information prompts. Simplicity on individual screens offers a positive user experience for the agent and ensures speedy, methodical movement throughout the script.

Analytics provides fast and accurate retrieval and analysis of data collected during calls, (User Performance, Average Call Handling Time, Calls by Facility, Calls by Type, etc.) The data can then be presented to the business via several graphical interfaces.

The Benefits

  • Agent consistency and accuracy
  • Positive user experience and faster, more accurate patient interactions
  • Enhances patient experience
  • Automates processes, reduces waste and lowers costs
  • Delivers critical reporting and data capture for easy analysis
  • Future-proofed to enable wider application integration