GDPR Data Discovery and Management


The Infinity GDPR Portal brings an extra level of automation and sophistication to your GDPR strategy by ensuring your
organisation attains and maintains compliance.
It provides a ‘digital clipboard’ that brings all data into a single inventory which generates recommendations to help users’ direct compliance activities.


The inventory continues to refresh and stay up-to date, which helps maintain ongoing compliance and provides additional value to help users respond to data subject rights and manage data breaches in an efficient and
automated manner.
GDPR Portal


data view

Get an ‘at a glance’ view of your entire data landscape, combining structure, semi- structured and unstructured information sources


Streamline compliance processes including risk identification and management, data minimization and data retention


System automation helps you maintain ongoing compliance post May 25th 2018

data view

A single, consolidated view of your data allows you to run queries and reports across your entire data estate enabling you to automate the process of responding to DSARs

If your organisation is carrying out call centre activities on behalf of a client, you’ll need to ensure that everything you do in relation to that client’s customer data is detailed in your service agreement, contract or whatever legal framework you have in place. Our solution is enabling us to quickly and cost effectively help businesses to do this.

Geoff Land
Managing Director, Infinity CCS


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    Manage your data assets

    Discover personal and sensitive data across all structured, semi-structured and unstructured data

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    Create a comprehensive data inventory to understand:


    • Where your data is
    • What it looks like
    • Who owns it
    • The legal basis for retaining it
    • How long you can retain it for
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    Maintain ongoing compliance


    • Alerting key staff when data retention periods are up
    • Flagging non-compliant information
    • Automating adherence to data subject rights
    • Maintaining a good data practice
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