Built for contact centres and BPOs

Infinity CIM provides agents with a single user interface they can use to manage customer interactions on any channel, and even entire customer journeys.


  • Single User Interface for Agents
  • CCaaS and CRM Integration
  • Customer Interaction Journeys
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Decision Engine and Next Best Action
  • Low code Flow designer

Built for police, fire & medical emergency response centres

Infinity ERM provides calltakers and dispatchers in emergency centres with a single user interface that guides them through every call using IAED Protocols to arrive quickly at a properly coded dispacth solution with accompanying PAI / PDI information.


  • Single User Interface for Dispatchers
  • Case Entry and Key Questioning with IAED Protocols
  • Dispatchers Guidance and Dispatch Codes
  • CAD Integration and PAI / PDI Generation
  • Analytics, Reporting and QA Management
  • AI Training & Simulation

Built for healthcare organisations & contact centres

Infinity PIM provides advisors and receptions in healthcare organisations with a single user interface that guides them through every patient interaction, whether they take place by phone, email, SMS or even face-to-face.


  • Single User Interface for contact centre advisors and receptionists
  • Integrates and fronts underlying systems
  • Case entry and case management system with booking
  • Build patient interaction workflows that guide advisors through interactions
  • Omnichannel orchestration and automation
  • Decision Engine and Next best Action
  • No/low code workflow designer
  • Analytics, reporting and QA management
  • AI Training & Simulation


Workflow software for interaction management

Supercharge your programs with Infinity’s range of interaction management products. Build flows that guide frontline staff through interactions more quickly and efficiently across all channels. To explore how our products can deliver the right solution for your operation, please use the options on your left to browse through the various product sets.

Infinity Interaction Designer

Low-code software enabling non-technical users to build and deploy interaction workflows, scripts and screens that integrate with your enterprise and contact centre software stack.

Features include:

  • Web-based software, no installation
  • Simple integration with your stack via standard APIs
  • Low-code interface for non-technical users, advanced options for coders
  • Build reusable forms, screens, scripts, triggers, logic blocks and more
  • Chain these together to create interaction workflows and entire customer journeys
  • Publish to the web or run them inside your CRM or contact centre platform

Infinity Interaction Engine

Enable frontline staff to focus on interacting with customers and users, not systems. Run interaction workflows, scripts and screens in a browser, or right inside your CRM or agent desktop, to give staff a single user interface to all your underlying systems. No more searching for information or screen-switching improves the customer experience, reduces costs, and improves outcomes.

Features include:

  • Single User Interface for all frontline staff
  • Deploy workflows, scripts and screens to guide staff through interactions
  • Allow staff to read and update data from underlying systems from inside workflows
  • Present them with relevant customer data, knowledge and next-best-action prompts
  • Reduce wrap time by automating follow-up processes
  • Record all interaction data for analysis, BI and continuous improvement.

Infinity Interaction Analytics

Record all interactions, including voice, data inputs, keystrokes, and mouse clicks. Use Infinity’s powerful tools, including conversational analytics and customised reporting, to uncover insights that enable continuous improvement.

Features include:

  • Customisable Reports
  • Report scheduling
  • Report Alerts
  • Dashboards by Pages
  • Secure Access

Infinity Knowledge Base

Infinity Knowledge Base is a shortcut that allows all frontline staff quick and intuitive access to the most relevant information for the interaction they are handling.

Features include:

  • Reduce AHT and training time by presenting knowledge information right inside an agent’s current interaction workflow
  • Context-sensitive knowledge shortens the time it takes agents to find answers
  • Be more consistent and accurate by ensuring staff access up-to-date information
  • Reduce attrition by providing agents with tools that improve the employee experience
  • Get feedback to enrich your knowledge base

Infinity Interaction Simulator

Interaction Simulator is an AI-powered training platform that is integrated directly into Infinity’s software. The software creates realistic customer interactions based on your real historical data, and presents them to staff in the workflows they use to take real calls. knowledge, as well as practice using their Infinity interaction workflows.

Features include:

  • Integrates with Infinity, your CRM and contact centre platform
  • Simulates realistic calls to frontline staff for training
  • Uses text-to-speech to make life-like calls and express a range of emotions
  • Allows staff to access training and practice their skills at any time
  • Calls can be recorded and scored automatically


Infinity can be integrated with almost anything via standard APIs that you can call in your workflows. You can also run Infinity inside most popular CRMs and contact centre platforms, or just in a browser.

Features include:

  • API integrations allow you to call on any data source or underlying system from your stack
  • Integration with shared services and external services extends functionality
  • Run Infinity workflows right inside CRM solutions like Salesforce or Dynamics
  • Run Infinity workflow right inside agent desktops from contact centre platform vendors including Genesys, NICE CX One, Callmedia, etc…


Infinity is the leading provider of interaction management software

Infinity’s interaction management software lets you build low code flows that present frontline staff with everything they need in one window to deliver the right response every time.

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Unless AI completely takes over the customer experience which nobody expects and customers don’t want building relationships with customers will always involve interactions between people. For most organisations, that responsibility comes down to frontline staff in the store, at the front desk, or in the contact centre.

Live Agent Interactions are More Complex … and More Important

It is generally agreed these days that customer service and the customer experience are essential brand differentiators. Unless you work in a sector where price is the only variable that matters, most customers make their purchasing decisions based on various complex and interrelated factors. These include how they ‘feel’ about a brand and their emotional connection to it. You can’t get that by interacting with a robot; it requires humans.

At the same time, we must recognise that AI in the form of chatbots and other self-service applications is taking over more and more customer interactions. However, the complex or emotionally loaded interactions that move the CX and customer satisfaction needle are likely to be handled by human agents.

There could be a time, a few years away when these are the only interactions that human agents will be answering as everything else becomes automated.

This means that live agent interactions will only become more critical, even as they decline as a percentage of all interactions. Given the complexity of these interactions, agents can quickly feel overwhelmed and need help to provide the service customers expect.

This guide will look at how to empower and enable agents to deliver the best result for your business and your customers in every live interaction.

The Link Between Employee Experience and Customer Experience

It’s long been recognised that frontline employees significantly impact CX and customer satisfaction. Employees who are better trained, highly skilled, knowledgeable, better equipped, and better motivated will achieve the best results.

We really mean, then, that employees who have a better experience at work can deliver more. In the context of a contact centre, they can connect better with customers and provide more effective outcomes quickly and efficiently.

As well as improving customer satisfaction and retention and boosting sales, the increased efficiency of switched-on frontline staff reduces service costs—a genuine win-win for the business, customers, and employees.

The Interconnection of EX and CX in Modern Businesses

As a result, the employee experience (EX) is intrinsically connected with the customer experience (CX). In a store, this is easy to see. As a customer, if you walk into a store to be greeted by a lethargic, unenthusiastic person and see other staff lolling around, talking among themselves, and ignoring customers, you are less likely to do business there.

What’s wrong with this company? you’ll probably think. They must have a terrible culture, and maybe whatever they sell isn’t entirely up to scratch if even their employees don’t seem interested or excited by it.

Whilst the same is not visually apparent when you’re speaking or chatting to someone in a contact centre, customers can quickly tell if the person they’re interacting with needs to be more engaged in trying to solve their query.

It’s a simple fact that when employees feel satisfied, appreciated, and empowered, they become highly engaged and more dedicated to their roles. This motivates them to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional CX. Engaged staff bring enthusiasm, empathy, and creative problem-solving when interacting with customers, which translates to greater customer satisfaction.

How Positive EX Translates to Enhanced CX

Studies show that companies who invest in EX reap significant benefits in their CX metrics. Gallup found that highly engaged workplaces see 147% higher earnings per share and surpass industry averages in customer loyalty. Temkin Group also discovered that CX leaders have 1.5 times more engaged employees than lagging competitors.

Positive EX also reduces turnover, leading to more seasoned and knowledgeable teams better equipped to handle customer needs. Highly engaged employees are more empowered to creatively resolve issues, resulting in higher satisfaction.

The Quantifiable Benefits of Investing in EX

The data is precise – caring for your employees directly impacts customer perceptions and business performance:

  • Companies with highly engaged workers see 20% higher sales due to better customer service.
  • CX leaders have 30% more engaged employees than competitors.
  • Starbucks’ focus on employee benefits drives 87% of customer affinity.
  • Engaged teams have 24-59% lower turnover, retaining institutional knowledge.
  • 5% higher engagement boosts revenue by 3%.
  • Happier employees are 12% more productive.

By cultivating a positive employee experience, companies can remain competitive, retain top talent, and drive growth through enhanced customer satisfaction. The implications for contact centres looking to empower their agents are immense.

The Benefits of Empowering Agents with the Right Tools

As we have seen, agents can’t be left to fend for themselves in an era of increasing complexity and higher-than-ever customer expectations. Customers demand instant, personalised service across multiple channels.

With the ideal technology platforms, agents save time toggling between systems, searching for answers, and handling repetitive inquiries manually. This results in long handle times, knowledge gaps, and broken workflows that degrade CX and customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, when agents are equipped with an intuitive tech stack, they can devote their expertise and empathy entirely to customers rather than managing the technology. The right tools act as competitive differentiators, empowering teams to deliver 5-star experiences.

That’s why forward-looking contact centres invest heavily in the employee experience, recognising how essential technology and processes are in unlocking world-class CX. The message is clear empower your agents, and they’ll empower your customers.

Here are just some of the benefits your business will notice from deploying a modern contact centre, knowledge, and AI tools to assist your agents:

Easy Access to Knowledge With comprehensive knowledge bases and intuitive AI-powered search at their fingertips, agents can find information and resolve customer issues much more quickly.

Higher Productivity Agents can work much more efficiently by integrating technology such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI into your workflows to automate repetitive tasks such as data entry and give easy access to multiple back-office systems.

Enhanced Skills Agents who know how to do more things are more helpful to the business and are much more likely to be engaged and remain with the company. You can accelerate agent skill-building by leveraging the latest training, eLearning, coaching, and gamification tools.

Improved Morale Coming into work every day to grapple with broken processes and tools that don’t work correctly no, temporary workarounds don’t satisfy anyone! very quickly erode morale. Companies that invest in intuitive tools that simplify work, reduce frustration, and improve the working environment benefit from more engaged employees and happier customers.

Expanded Channels Modern CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) omnichannel platforms enable agents to manage interactions across channels, ensuring that processes are applied consistently, and the same level of service is given to all customers.

Valuable Insights With the contact centre being the main channel for interactions, a great deal of useful information is tied up in the conversations agents have. Analytics and feedback tools help you unlock that data so your teams can continuously improve systems and processes and identify training needs.

Work-Life Balance One way to dramatically improve employee engagement and retention is to offer flexible working options, including remote and hybrid working. WFM (workforce management) and scheduling software help empower agents with greater autonomy.

Faster Issue Resolution When agents can access the information they need quickly and easily, they can resolve customer issues more rapidly and within a single interaction.

Elevated CX Workflows that guide agents through different types of interactions, regardless of the channel, ensure a seamless, personalised CX that is consistent every time.

When agents are freed from the limitations of the technology they use, they can focus entirely on delivering excellent, empathetic customer experiences. Agents supported in this way are more likely to become loyal brand ambassadors.

To find out more about how Infinity CCS’s solutions empower agents to deliver the best response every time, get in touch below.

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