Creating the efficient enterprise…

Infinity Workflow gives you the ability to create workflows that guide agents through transactions quickly.

Like a satnav, the best route will be calculated based on agent input and customer response. Agents can interact with multiple applications, data sources and channels from a single interface, so they can focus on the customer, not the technology.

Infinity’s Workflow enables you to:

Solution 1

1. Create and queue business tasks

Solution 2

2. Guide agents through tasks and present relevant information

Solution 3

3. Collect data on how well your staff, systems and processes are performing and identify areas for improvement


Flexible workflow


Infinity Workflow allows organisations to be nimble and rapidly make changes to systems and processes in response to commercial opportunities and customer feedback, no matter how many disparate systems are employed or how old the software and infrastructure is.

Simple workflow


Infinity Workflow gathers everything an agent needs to service a customer in one interface. Customer queries can be dealt with quicker, and cross-sell and up-sell opportunities are presented, as the agent has a full view of the customer.

Smart workflow


Agents are guided through multiple processes, where the next step presented follows logically from the responses already gathered. Agents have instant access to the data and tools needed, resulting in faster, more accurate customer interactions, fewer transfers and less hold time.

Geoff Land, CEO, Infinity:

With a robust workflow in place, the result is faster, more accurate customer interactions and less hold time. Everything the agent needs is presented to them on-screen exactly when they need it.”


  • Rise in productivity
  • Rise in customer satisfaction
  • Call times, training and turnover costs reduced
  • Deployed rapidly without replacing existing systems
  • Little capital investment

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