Unified Agent Desktop

Equipping agents to successfully serve customers…

Equipping agents to successfully serve customers.

Many contact centres use multiple, complicated systems which agents struggle to navigate, let alone focus on what’s important – the customer. This can lead to low customer satisfaction levels, job frustration, wasted time and unnecessary costs.

Infinity’s Unified Agent Desktop solution brings existing data and systems into a single desktop. This removes the need for agents to navigate different systems to find information and provides them with the tools needed to service the customer within one application. This centralised system can also act as a universal data collection point. Not only can all data relating to a customer be presented to the agent, all relevant data can also be captured and stored. This helps agents, supervisors and managers make better and faster decisions.


Simple, unified interface

Access to all business systems

Customer engagement channels

Customer Analytics

Visual display of data

Single Customer View

The most effective way of selling to customers, and then delighting them on an ongoing basis, is to treat them as individuals.

A single customer view enables agents to see a complete trail of phone interactions, website visits, emails, purchases, social media comments etc, left by every customer and prospect.

Your contact centre can seamlessly manage interactions that cross multiple channels without asking the customer to repeat information; personalise upsell, cross-sell and renewals offers to meet a customer’s exact needs.


  • Removes the need to navigate multiple, disconnected systems
  • Enhances the customer and agent experience
  • No need to replace existing data or processes
  • Manage interactions that cross multiple channels
  • Instantly direct customer enquiries to the right person
  • Training times reduced as agents only need to learn to use one system
  • Personalise upsell, cross-sell and renewals offers to meet a customer’s needs and circumstances
  • Creates a ‘Single Customer View’

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