About us

Interaction management technology that lets organisations respond more quickly, more accurately, and more efficiently

Infinity is a leading provider of interaction management technology for contact centres, emergency services, and healthcare providers.

Infinity’s intelligent interaction management, workflow and scripting software has been at the heart of critical operations for contact centres and global organisations for over 25 years. Our technology, personnel and expertise have been tried, tested and proven in the most demanding commercial and emergency call answering environments.

Integrated seamlessly with your existing tech stack, our software streamlines processes and improves frontline productivity. We have helped organisations across a wide range of sectors including emergency services, BPO, healthcare, financial, utilities and insurance, to work faster, more efficiently and more flexibly. Our long-standing relationships with clients and partners across 3 continents and 15 countries are testament to our versatility and competence.

More recently, Infinity has signed a global license agreement with Priority Dispatch Corporation, the world leader in providing research-based protocol solutions to emergency call centres in medical, fire, police, and nurse triage disciplines. This strategic partnership brings our technology to a wider, global audience and will bring positive innovations to the emergency services and public safety markets.

Leadership team

Our company is backed by a passionate, accomplished leadership team