Next generation business analytics


Infinity Analytics allows everybody to engage with business analytics, not just analysts. Reporting, ad-hoc analysis and creating dashboards becomes as easy and as straightforward as searching the internet, allowing people to make the right decisions at the right time.
Data is often contained in multiple, unconnected systems. Infinity Analytics provides a simple, user-friendly method of bringing data together into a single, coherent search engine, enabling reporting and analysis from a single point of access.


Users can set KPIs, monitor real-time performance and gather data, leading to insight that drives improvement. The solution has been designed around three core principles: Speed, Flexibility and Usability.
Infinity analytics core principles


simple quering
Simple querying

Easy to use, search engine like queries, returning results with speed and simplicity

Secure information access
Secure access

Security devices that ensure all information presented is relevant and safe

Customisation of reports
Customisable reports

Generate and manipulate reporting data in a variety of formats

Drill down into the detail
Drill down

Analyse information and identify data that can then be drilled into for further analysis

Report scheduling
Report scheduling

Schedule the distribution of single or multiple reports on any desired time frame in lots of  formats

report alerts
Report alerts

Users can trigger a notification to be sent when a particular event has occurred in a report

Along with our workflow solution, Infinity delivers in-depth analytics that can help to improve your business processes. These powerful data insights support an organisation to identify performance gaps, make better and faster decisions and discover new ways to win markets

Matteo Belardi
Director of Sales and Marketing, Infinity CCS


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    Single search engine

    Data is compiled into a single search engine so you can retrieve and configure data quickly and easily, just like you would using a search engine

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    Easy access

    Having easy access to all data improves business processes, identifies performance gaps and ways to win new markets

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    Intelligent presentation

    Data can be presented in a variety of formats, making it quick and easy to establish trends

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    Intuitive interface

    Reporting, analysis and the creation of dashboards is easy, allowing people to make the right decisions at the right time

next generation business analytics

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