Infinity Workflow
helps Contact Centre Outsourcers
design and deliver exceptional customer journeys for every client project

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Renders workflows inside the agent desktop – whether that’s the Infinity Desktop, your own or another third party’s.

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Allows your non-technical staff to design and build advanced workflows using an intuitive drag & drop interface

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The key to excellence & efficiency

For the best customer journey you need an intelligent, dynamic workflow that guides agents through transactions quickly while giving them the freedom to follow where the customer wants to go.

Unlike a rigid calling script, which might be like an old printed roadmap, a dynamic workflow is a smart SatNav system that constantly recalculates the best route based on the agent’s inputs and customer’s responses.

Infinity workflows are integrated with CRM, customer and transactional databases, and other systems. This means information can be presented to agents right inside workflows without them having to swap applications. And of course agents can update these systems and enter data through the workflow too.

The result is that agents are able to focus on the customer rather than systems and processes, dramatically boosting both quality and efficiency.

Infinity Workflow is split it into two modules: Workflow Engine and Workflow Designer. These can be bought as part of the Infinity Desktop or purchased separately if you would like to build and run workflows inside your own existing agent desktop.


Run advanced workflows on whatever platform you like


Infinity Workflow Engine integrates with Infinity Desktop or any other contact centre agent desktop solution and allows you to run workflows inside them that have been built using the Infinity Workflow Designer. This lets you extend the functionality and lifetime of your existing software and hardware, as well as front legacy, client and other systems that you’re currently unable to replace.


Because you have to work across multiple client projects, we’ve designed the Infinity Workflow Engine to simultaneously support and deliver multiple interaction types for multiple clients across all agent-assisted channels.


Infinity workflows guide agents through the steps they need to take to deliver an exceptional customer experience that’s legally compliant and meets the quality standards set by your client.


The Infinity Workflow Engine can create an infinite number of interaction workflows that meet each client’s needs exactly. Because the underlying desktop interface is the same, agents can move easily from one client project to the next with minimal systems training.


Build advanced workflows without coding to run inside Infinity Workflow Engine


Infinity Workflow Designer allows non-technical staff to quickly and easily build advanced multi-channel, branching workflows without writing a single line of code. These workflows can then be run in the Workflow Engine, inside either the Infinity Desktop or your own.


Using the same intuitive drag & drop system, non-technical staff can integrate workflows with multiple data sources such as CRM, customer and transactional databases, and also set up rules for outbound dialling, CTI and routing.


Because no coding is required, your operational teams are empowered to make changes quickly without support from us or your IT team. This frees up your IT staff to focus on areas where they add real value and ensures workflow is deployed by the people who understand your processes best because they use them every day.


Save time during interactions, in wrap and in the back office by using Workflow Designer’s powerful Function Builder to set up automated processes, such as postcode look ups, credit checks, batch uploads and downloads, scheduled reports, document merges and outputs, and payment processing.

To start a conversation about how Infinity can help your company, or to arrange a demo of the Infinity Platform, please use this form to get in touch:
To start a conversation about how Infinity can help your company, or to arrange a demo of the Infinity Platform, please use this form to get in touch: