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Professional Services

Support and expertise when you need them

Our experienced team works with you from building the business case for Infinity in your business to go-live, and beyond, to ensure the Infinity Platform meets your needs.

We’ll help you integrate the platform into your technology environment, build processes and workflows, and maximise performance through training.

Our approach is to ensure that the right technology and people are there when you need them, enabling your company to win, retain and satisfy customers in today’s omichannel world.



Before you even put pen to paper, our experienced team of contact centre operations and technology experts works with you to understand your current technology set-up and your business needs. The objective is to design the most effective possible installation of the Infinity Platform.


We work with your IT and operations teams, and your other technology partners if need be, to deploy the Infinity Platform as quickly and efficiently as possible to take advantage of your existing assets. We understand that you’re often under extreme pressure to meet project deadlines, so have organised ourselves to respond quickly to help you deliver on time, every time.


Our development team has already integrated the Infinity Platform with many of the most popular CRM, ACD, CTI and other systems likely found in your contact centres. We can also perform custom integrations very quickly. The result is that we can not only get Infinity to do whatever you want it to do, we can do that very quickly.


Infinity’s team has the operational expertise to first of all help you review and optimise processes such as call and transaction flows. They then have the technical skills to turn these into Infinity workflows using Infinity Workflow Designer, and integrate these with appropriate data and information from other systems.


The Infinity Platform comes out of the box with a wide range of powerful functionality and integrations, however its design and architecture make it infinitely extendable by our in-house development team to meet your specific needs. We have deployed the platform in B2B and B2C environments, for inbound and outbound projects, for purposes as wide-ranging as appointment setting, case management, pack processing and fulfilment, email management, lead qualification and scoring, high volume outbound dialling, and many others.


We can design interaction workflows for you, but experience tells us you’ll be most efficient when you take over that activity yourself. We’ll train your operational team to use the highly intuitive Infinity Workflow Engine to create, update and evolve workflows, transferring to you the knowledge and skills that will allow you to get the best out of our technology.

To start a conversation about how Infinity can help your company, or to arrange a demo of the Infinity Platform, please use this form to get in touch:

To start a conversation about how Infinity can help your company, or to arrange a demo of the Infinity Platform, please use this form to get in touch: