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When we say we partner with you, we really mean it. Our most successful clients have fully integrated the expertise of our people into their teams, enabling us to work seamlessly with key people to deliver the value you need.

Working in partnership means proposing new ideas to expand your business; helping you to realise new opportunities and efficiencies; reviewing programmes to help you use Infinity to deliver your promises at a margin that works for you; or running proof of concept projects to define new services.

We see all of this as a cost of doing business – as the more you can do with Infinity, the more you will use our Platform.

Our partnership approach rests on the following four values …


We consider ourselves part of your team; a proactive partner that works with you to identify opportunities, drive performance and support you at the PoC stage.


Our background is in contact centres and customer management, and we have 20 years’ experience, which means we understand your day-to-day realities and challenges.


Our account management structure means you’ll always have someone working alongside you, responsible for ensuring you have access to the technology and expertise you need, when you need it.


We have streamlined our own processes and technology to be able to respond and deploy quickly, and through training we can ensure your own people are able to do the same.


We deliver a range of added-value services to our Contact Centre Outsourcer partners ...


The best stage to get us involved is while you’re planning how to get your technology to meet your needs. Our experienced contact centre operations and technology people can advise on how best to deploy the Infinity Platform, along with your existing technology stack, to help you deliver what your customers need.


If you’re looking to push the boundaries of customer contact, develop a new capability, or introduce a new channel or service, we’re happy to work with you to rapidly test and build prototypes using the Infinity Platform.


You may have poor performing programmes or channels, or even ones that customers love but which for whatever reason are not profitable for you. Infinity’s experienced team often takes part in root and branch reviews in order to determine how to best use the Infinity Platform to improve performance or fix the commercial model to deliver the margin required.


We have commercial partnerships with a range of technology companies whose products integrate with and extend the Infinity Platform. These include CTI, telephony and dialler providers, hosting companies and data centre operators, as well as CRM, ERP and other software companies. In many cases we can not only advise you on the best solutions, but also help you procure, implement and integrate them at the most competitive price.



Infinity has worked with contact centres for 20 years, and the Infinity Platform has been designed from the ground up for this sector

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From deployment to pricing to how we partner with you, we’re infinitely flexible because we understand how contact centres work

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The Infinity Platform – a unified agent desktop & workflow solution – is built by us and is at the heart of everything we do

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To start a conversation about how Infinity can help your company, or to arrange a demo of the Infinity Platform, please use this form to get in touch:

To start a conversation about how Infinity can help your company, or to arrange a demo of the Infinity Platform, please use this form to get in touch: