Infinity and a major North American medical triage agency

On October 31 last year the Infinity Workflow Engine (Flexible Intelligent Triage Platform – Fit Platform) went live at one of North America’s largest emergency response agencies. It is being used to automate and accelerate emergency medical triage in the organization’s 911 command center, which responds to more than 1.4 medical emergencies every year.

The Agency chose Infinity for three reasons….

1. Automated Workflows

Fit Platform provides professional medical command center staff with automated workflows that allow them to respond appropriately and accurately to every kind of medical emergency. Its adaptive workflows provide call handlers with detailed guidance for every call and adapt that guidance in line with information given by the caller.

2. Insight & Flexibility

Fit Platform allows the agency’s expert medical directors to monitor the performance of every workflow and introduce changes that enhance emergency response. Analytical insights provide the basis for ongoing improvement of existing workflows and allow new workflows to be created for new situations. Workflows can be created or changed easily by the agency’s medical directors without the need to rely on IT staff, using a simple ‘drag and drop’ interface.

3. CAD Integration

Fit Platform is fully integrated to the Computer Aided Despatch System used by the agency. This means vehicle despatch is triggered immediately Fit Platform captures sufficient information from the caller to determine the nature of the emergency and the resources required. The agency aims to despatch a vehicle within 40 seconds or less. Subsequent information captured on the call is transferred immediately to the vehicle crew on-route.

“This agency is situated in one of the US’s major cities; they are already gathering end to end data on all of the calls and confidently expect to see faster response times, improved despatch accuracy and significant operational efficiency gains using Fit Platform in the chain of events. Most importantly, it believes it will be empowered to provide a better, faster and more responsive service to citizens in need of medical help.”

Geoff Land, Managing Director, Infinity

The Fit Platform Workflow Engine

An effective emergency triage system depends on being able to capture caller information quickly and methodically, so that the most appropriate resource can be despatched with absolute accuracy in the shortest possible time. This paper describes a new technology solution – proven in demanding and complex contact center environments worldwide – that dramatically enhances this ability.

Better yet, the FIT Workflow Engine captures the details of every call, so that managers and specialists within emergency triage environments can analyse performance and adjust workflows over time to achieve continuous improvement; ongoing and measurable gains in despatch times, resource accuracy, caller experience and operational efficiency.

Dynamic Workflows

Fit Platform’s dynamic workflows guide call handlers through calls quickly to achieve consistent despatch accuracy. It allows them to engage with callers intuitively, providing responses that are consistent, compliant and cover every base.

Workflow Designer

The Fit Platform Workflow Designer allows a client’s non-technical staff to quickly and easily build or amend branching workflows without writing a single line of code. That means qualified, authorized staff can make necessary changes to improve efficiency and performance.

Easy Integration

FIT integrates easily to telephony and CAD systems, so that not only the call, but the emergency response itself can be fully automated. It helps get the right vehicle and resources on the road as soon as possible.

Professional services

Fit Platform’s experienced team supports the client from business case to go-live and beyond, to make sure the Fit Platform Workflow Engine meets their needs and serves their citizens well. We help integrate Fit Platform into the client’s technology environment and work with their specialist staff to automate existing workflows, or to create new ones that meet or exceed industry standards.

Track record

The Fit Platform Workflow Engine is used extensively in heavily regulated industries including financial services, telecommunications, utilities and now emergency triage. It currently supports more than 12,000 contact center seats in thirteen countries and multiple languages.


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