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About Infinity

At the centre of customer contact

Infinity’s technology and services unlock your ability to win customers, retain them and maximise their satisfaction by empowering you to deliver exceptional customer experiences, across multiple channels, with ultimate efficiency.

All of our solutions have been built from the ground up for contact centres, and are based around our proprietary technology – the Infinity Platform – and support services delivered by customer management experts.

Infinity has over 20 years’ experience working with contact centres, and our Infinity Platform is deployed across more than 12,000 seats in 10 countries.


We've got a track record second-to-none in your industry

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% Productivity Increase
Years' Experience


The Infinity Platform is comprised of a unified agent desktop, workflow engine and workflow designer – which can be deployed in combination or separately.

Infinity can be deployed in-site, hosted or in the cloud, easily scales up and down with your business needs, and can be paid for based on usage.

Infinity can help you improve customer experience, drive down cost to serve, increase sales and improve flexibility.

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Infinity’s range of Professional Services support your deployment and use of the Infinity Platform, to ensure you have access to the technology and people you need to win, retain and maximise the satisfaction of every customer.

Our experienced team works with you – from building the business case for Infinity, to integrating it with your technology environment; from bespoke development projects to training your Operations teams to use Infinity self-sufficiently.

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